Monday, July 8, 2013

Drink the District's Red, White and Brew

I swear, a million people came up to talk t o me about my pretzel necklace. Even more I could hear whispering "there's those pretzel necklaces!". It was kind of weird, but also amazing. I think I have found my new business venture...making pretzel necklaces at all the beer festivals around town! Hannah, her roommate Devon and I attended the Drink the District's Red, White and Brew festival.

It was fun, but it was not the best beer fest I've been to. I would reserve that honor for the Living Social Beerfests. Those are in a better area and there is some shade. This festival was good and in a nice spot (The Yards at the Navy Yard) but the grass was muddy in some areas due to the heavy rains the night before and ABSOLUTELY.NO.SHADE! I'm currently rocking the nastiest sunburn I've had in quite a while. I used sunscreen, but because of the intensity of the sun, I'm now a lobster.

Hannah, Devon and I sweating to death in the heat

There was plenty of good people watching there as well....

Lots of 'bros and girls thinking they were at festivals. Jorts shouldn't exist, especially not in this heat....

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