Monday, July 22, 2013

DC Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter

The D.C. Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter had our annual happy hour at Poste this past week. This is normally my FAVORITE happy hour because this place is so magical. Well, only the outdoor courtyard. I usually love sitting outside, its just beautiful. However, this week has been so ridiculously sticky and humid, we just couldn't sit outside...womp womp.

Unlike the NoVa Chapter happy hour last month, we forgot to take a group picture so the above picture will just have to do! BUT we just recently ordered this "soda can" koozie for our chapter and I'm so excited!! We're selling one for $3 and two for $5. So...of course I bought 8, hahaha.

We had a great time together and enjoyed the happy hour specials. A freakish storm with ominous grey clouds meant that we either needed to leave or get stuck. My solution?? Go next door to Shake Shack! Duh. Ha. Shake Shack just recently opened up in the F street area...precariously close to Poste! It was so yummy!

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