Monday, September 9, 2013

Ted's Bulletin

I'm taking a break from San Fran posts to catch up on other things!

I FINALLY got to try Ted's Bulletin! I've always wanted to go to the Eastern Market location, but its a schelp to get there AND its always busy! When my friend Clayton asked me if I was free for brunch one Saturday, I JUMPED ON IT! He got tickets through a friend to go to the early release of the new 14th Street location. COUNT ME IN! I mean, COME ON, they've got adult milkshakes!!!! And brunch ALL.DAY.LONG!

I had the dirty girl scout.....MMMMM!!!!!!!! I also got the Mark on an Off Day (below). MMMMMMMMMM. I also got one of their amazing (looking) pop-tarts. Granted I was so stuffed I didn't eat it there, but MAN was I disappointed. Ugh. I will never make that mistake again. I'll go for a donut next time!

 WOW! Great breakfast!

Cooks A Cookin! 
 One eating area

Some yummy treats! 
 Check out those oatmeal cream pies!!!

 The front bar

The yummy looking but down right GROSS poptarts!

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