Monday, September 30, 2013

Legends of the Summer Tour

I apologize for not being a better blogger lately....so sue me. Work has sucked and life has been busy, so I haven't made time to blog. But...

YOU GUYS.....I saw the Legends of the Summer Tour with Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake! This show was utterly AMAZABALLS! LIKE AMAZING! Its been a while since I've been to a big concert. As in YEARS where I haven't sit on the lawn and couldn't see it. Jay-Z killed it and Justin was pretty good. I thought Jay was better than JT, which made my heart cry a little.

Oh hello luvvvaaaahhhh

OMGeeeeeeeeee it was SO GOOD!

Hannah and I met up to take the train up to Baltimore. Who needs traffic when you can take the train? It was the first time I've ridden the MARC, hello $7 ticket, goodbye $30 ticket! Now, this will be even better when they finally have MARC service on the weekends like they promised!

On the train to Baltimore

All the gang hanging out at "Ball So Hard University", yes, there was a place on FourSquare close by to Gus's place with that name. Of course I checked in!

When we knew this concert was coming into town, we all freaked and signed up to get really good seats! I've never been to a football field (they played at the Raven's field), but our seats were SO GOOD. We could see the stage completely and we were on the first level so we weren't on the field. We all drove to Baltimore and stayed at Gus's place. He was living in a weird Craigslist place while he waited for Erin to be able to move to be with him. It was great to be able to have a place to stay!

There was a HUGE storm about an hour before the show. Luckily it down poured while we drank a few brewskies. It stopped for us to walk to the show and enjoy most of it. A light sprinkling happened, which totally helped cool down the air. It was getting pretty sticky with humidity. 

The Ravens Stadium where the concert was located

Baltimore Penn Station glass ceilings on the way out.

We had SUCH a good time at this concert!!

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