Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge

Yep, I'm finally getting to post about some of my San Francisco trip. We wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and one of the signs posted by our hotel said it was a 30 minute walk. Oh yeah, 30 minutes sounds great. UM....BIG FAT HAIRY LIARS!!! An hour and a half walk later, we finally got to the bridge entrance. YES, needless to say we ended up walking 16 miles that day. The bridge itself is 1.7 miles long....ugh.

The GGB was opened on May 27th, 1937. The official color of the bridge? "International Orange". WTF?

Of course the day before we decided to walk it, it was clear and sunny. The day we decided to walk, it looked like this:

 It was super foggy (typical SF) and we couldn't see anything.

You couldn't see very far at all and it was a bit cooler

Why, hello there big red!

I learned something on this trip. Buster doens't like to stand close to the end of the bridge. Um, what? So I had to walk closer to the bridge side and he walked closer to the traffic side. Whatever.

This was about as far as you could see out into the water.

But, like magic, half way across the bridge, the sky cleared up and you could see again! Apparently SF has a bunch of weird microclimates. Cold and gloomy on one side, and warm and sunny on another....
Clouds were moving away

 Selfie on the bridge

Unmistakable color

Finally on the other side of the bridge


I decided against bringing my tennis shoes on this trip and that was the BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIIIIIFFFEEEEE. I picked up a pair of cheap trainers. Boy do I regret that. My feet were hurting really bad half way through the walk, and I was tired and hungry. After our way back across the bridge, we were going to walk in Crissy Field and get a cab. But we were no where near the street. I was like a real life Snickers Commercial. I was hungry and nothing could satisfy me but getting food and a drink!

Well, we got a restaurant suggestion from the bf's uncle and it was supposedly only a 15 minute walk. I've already been walking for HOURS. Needless to say, I wasn't pleasant.

On our way to the restaurant, we pass this WEIRD collection of Roman Buildings...WHAT?! WTF MATE.  Apparently this is the Palace of Fine Arts Center. It was built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exhibition. Um, sure.

 And then FINALLY I got to sit down, eat and drink. I took off my shoes and I had two very nice and LARGE blisters on the tops of my big toes. The shoes were rubbing me raw and giving me blisters. So needing food was not the only reason I was acting "Snicker-ish!"

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