Monday, October 14, 2013

One last SF post

Sorry these posts are ALL OVER THE PLACE. One last SF post to round out the trip.

Oh San Fran, how much I enjoyed you on my stay. We went to a lot of different places and our last day was anything but slow. We checked out SoMa (South of Market), a really nice are by the bay.

We stopped by Garaje for a bite to eat before we were off to visit the BF's friends for dinner. Its a casual taco place with a bunch of tequila and beer on tap. Its cash only, so don't forget those dolla-dolla bills ya'll.

From there, we took a cab back to the hotel and got picked up by the B Man's Coastie BFF in San Fran and took us to their house and then this AMAZING restaurant on the hill called Cliff House and its views were just spectacular! Weirdly enough, I guess this place sits on National Park Service land and it closed down with the Government shut down. Which is a pity!

Me and the B Man on the clifss outside of Cliff House

Just beautiful!!

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