Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Human Rights Campaign 2013 Dinner

Me, Nic, Brad and Kameron

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in DC. Big Daddy D paid for my ticket to the dinner. I haven't been to a black tie event in a really long time! I almost didn't get to go because all the partners wanted to go this year to cultivate relationships or something. Thankfully one of their wives double booked and a ticket became available! I told my GLOBE & Allies lead that if that happened I was more than willing to get ready at the last minute!

No, literally it was the last minute! I was at Target in Alexandria and received the call that I might be able to go! I rushed home and got ready just in case. Then I was able to go! I was SO excited! I had heard about this dinner in the past and how there were always big stars there! The Vice President was supposed to be there, but thanks to the government shut down, we got a taped recording of the President instead. Oh well, maybe next year...

BUT I did see J-Lo! She received an Ally for Equality award for her producing the Fosters and some other various things she's done in the past. Um, there was also an 11 year old DJ spinning records before the event started, DJ Young 1. Yes, you heard (saw) that right folks, AN 11 YEAR OLD DJ!

The big part of the event was when HRC presented the plaintiffs and attorneys from the historic Proposition 8 and Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) cases before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year with the National Equality Award.

Enjoy some of the pictures below!

This year's theme: Join the Momentum

The stage as we came in

HRC president Chad Griffin speaking

The Fosters Cast
J- LO!!
I mean, look at that dress!

I only wish she was speaking on our side, but alas, she was on the other side

Sara Bareilles!!!!! I was SO sad that I was missing her concert in DC a few days later because of a work trip for training, but so relieved when I got to see her perform at the diner!

Her band!

HRC banner as we left

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