Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clarendon Day 5K

As part of Clarendon Day, there was a 5K and 10K in...you guessed it...Clarendon. I ran it with my work team (how fun!) and Buster was in town so he got to run it too. It was actually a really good race, Pacers Running Company knows how to put on a great race! It started at Whitlow's and ran down the hill to Rosslyn. Four Courts, Mexicali Blues and Whitlow's all sponsored a free drink after the race! We all finished (Buster won, with Kathleen a second behind) and I finished at 27. Meh, not the best, but not the worst of my races! Its been pretty hot recently, so I'm not used to running lately, much less when its almost 80 degrees!

My work team: Kathleen, Allison, Johnana (the boss lady) and myself

Already too hot so undressing a bit!

DUDE, this man ran in a suit! Total bro move buddy. Too many bros in Arlington already, we don't need another! But bad ass on doing this!

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