Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cat's Out of the Bag

SURPRISE I'm moving to San Francisco! I'm going to try out being a West Coast girl! I don't know if this up-tight East Coast girl can survive, but I'm willing to give it a go.  It may not always be sunny or warm, but my favorite season is Fall and its almost always Fall-like weather in San Fran!

Many of you know that my bf is in the Coast Guard and he's been stationed in Alameda, California (across the bay from SF) since last summer. Its a big decision, but I'm having an adventure and moving west with him!  Yes its scary, no I'm not ready, but we'll see how it goes!

I've been searching for a way to get to SF with Big Daddy D since back in December. I love how they always tell you that "you can make your own career and way at D"….what they don't tell you is all of the hoops and red tape there is to make it happen. I interviewed for a position back in December/January and after NINE, yes NINE interviews (someone apparently forgot that I already worked there…) I didn't end up getting the position. Which I'm actually happy about now because everyone I talked to really didn't like the job. But good news is, I got offered a MUCH better position and I'm actually excited about it! I will be a Learning and Development Specialist on the onboarding team. So I will be traveling to DU (our $300 Million dollar Learning University outside of Dallas) every other month and will be helping with all the onboarding activities such as creating the training and facilitating the logistics for all the programs. AND best part of ALL…I will work from HOME! Hizzome!!! Whoop whoop!

I'm excited to try something new and another new place! After 4 years in D.C., I'm ready to leave this crap weather (seriously, 70 yesterday and its going to snow tomorrow) and explore a new city. After living in London for a year and D.C. for four, I'm itching to try something new. I am sort of scared to leave all of my friends and family and move somewhere where I know a total of …. six people. Doesn't help that I'll be working from home, but I'm outgoing and more than willing to put on my sorority rush hat and push my friendship on people. Hey, I did it once, and I can do it again!

I don't have a set date that I'll move yet because I will start my new job in D.C. and move whenever. So, I'm thinking Easter weekend, so that gives me about a month to close up shop in D.C. and get myself to the West Coast. AAAAAHHHHH that just gives me anxiety thinking about it.

Here goes nothing….

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