Friday, September 3, 2010

Diets are Sad

I would have to agree with this advert I found in a Pret A Manger store front in London. Speaking of food, I could totally go for a tuna and cheese pastie from Eat. Too bad they only have Eat in London :( Well, its probably best for my waisteline anyways.

Back to the main story here... diets suck. Exercising sucks even more. 13 more days until its bathingsuit weather in Jamaica...so you know what that means...trying to get in shape! Conveniently enough I am training for my next half so 8 mile runs are part of the game plan anyways. UGH. At least I am not stuck with one run that I do over and over again. Last week I explored Arlington cemetary and the Iwo Jima memorial. Tomorrow I think I am going to the Lincoln memorial and I think that takes me to about 9 miles. Hopefully I wont have to elbow millions of annoying tourists like I did last week. Little did I know I was running straight into the path of hundreds of tour buses filled with old people trying to get to the Glen Beck rally. UGH.

Anyways, happy Friday and the beginning of a 3 day weekend!

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