Friday, September 10, 2010


Man, is it just me or does it feel like this 4 day week has taken FOREVER? You'd think that shorter weeks would feel just like that...short. Guess not. However, the weather is BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait for this weekend. I plan on running 10 miles tomorrow (yikes!) and then having a fun girly night with Hannah and then topping the weekend off with Sunday brunch with the lovely DC Phi Mus and then hitting up the Adam's Morgan street festival. All I have to say is : TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the fun things to look forward to:
  • Making this Apple Peanut Butter Tart:

  • Sunday Brunch Bunch at Firefly in DC where I will be ordering the Pop Pop French toast (Orange & vanilla dipped challah with with apple-raisin compote and maple syrup)...and many of the $1 Mimosas!

  • The Adams Morgan Street Festival- DC's longest running street festival celebrates its 32nd year.
  • And of course my upcoming (much needed) week long vacation for Danielle's wedding:

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