Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Newseum Rocks My World

My dad came up to DC for a day trip this past weekend. As I had a groupon to the Newseum which was about to expire and I couldn't fit a visit in any time else, I asked if he'd be interested. We set off to the city foolishly thinking it was way warmer than it actually was. Duh, hello Amber, its February...dress appropriately! We hopped on the metro into downtown and set out to find the place.

HAHAHA we clearly don't read directions well: I missed the sign for the groupon redemption outside (I thought it said GROUP sales, not GROUPON sales) and of course my dad had a pocket knife on him (seriously?!?!) But the nice people allowed him to "bag check" his knife hahahah. Oh well. And then this really nice guy in line totally gave us a free ticket because he had an extra pass because he was a part of Teach for America. Apparently there was a conference in town for them. Free $22 dollar + tax ticket? Don't mind if I do. Swweeeeeeeeeeet, 2 tickets for 10 dolla! HOLLLA!

Anyways, this place was a BLAST! I'd defintely recommend this museum to anyone in DC. It was very interactive and very visual with a variety of things to see and do. Its way better than the other DC musuems and suprisingly your ticket covers 2 days so you can really see everything.

The building has 45 words of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution etched into the building:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the goverment for a redress of grievances.

Front of building, great architechture!

They had front pages of probably 30 newspapers lining the street.

Exhibit on the White House dogs over the years, vote for the one you like best!

Global map of countries that have the ability of free press: Green=Free, Yellow=partially free, Red= not free.

Politcal cartoons drawn by Douglas Nigel Marlette, a Pulitzer Prize-winning American editorial cartoonist

The technology center of the Newseum. I could never work in a room like that with people like me gawking at them.

Interactive screens

A wall full of TVs. Sometimes they all played the same thing while other times they played different things.

The inside of the museum

An original printing press

They had hundres of actual newspaper front pages from about the 1700s on to today. And then every few feet or so they had touch screens that you could browse through front pages. It was cool to see how they've evolved over time.

A HUGE wall full of TVs showing live news around the world

Their current exhibit is of Elvis.

Lisa Marie's dress

More info on him.

This is the flag that was hung on the Pentagon as it was going through construction to repair its damage from 9/11

Front pages of the 9/11 coverage

The radio tower from one of the twin towers

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  1. Thanks for the info about Newseum. I'm heading there this morning. Your site is the only place I could find out if they check bags...or knives for that matter.