Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Smee!!!!!

Who knew that when I first met you 8 years ago on Bid Day with cornrows in your hair and bright magenta colored reebok shoes on your feet that we'd be best of friends? My first thought was "what the hell is she wearing and WHAT did she do to her hair?!?!?!" Flash forward to today and we've been able to do and share so many exciting things over the years such as DC, Paris, England, Italy, Florida, Weddings, our love for Harry Potter, and above all 2 am heart to heart sessions. I wonder where the next 50 years is going to take us?

So here it is to my most favorite Phi Mu and sister...


How many weddings do you figure we've gone to together?

En Francais S'il vous plait!

Laughing it off in Rome

First tagged picture of us together on FB. Oh HP. Oh the memories!

Her wedding!

We share our love for all things French, chocolate (be it white or milk), and pink!

Warmer weather plans in Florida.

Colder weather plans in DC

...and 2 am heart to hearts sitting on the edge of bathtubs

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  1. I totally thought I commented on this post. I love it, obviously! But I need to clarify: I DID NOT HAVE CORNROWS ON BID DAY. The hot pink shoes, yes. The cornrows were for the when I grow up mixer.