Friday, February 25, 2011


So for the month of March my team at work has decided to give something up to be healthier. While this is no foreign concept for me (Hannah and I gave up drinking for Lent...hello 40 days and 40 nights of complete sobriety) its not really that fun. However, I want to loose that last 5 pounds so that I may fit into all of my clothes again and loosing the weight will have less impact on my body when I run that half marathon in a month that I'm totally not prepared for. What to give up? What can I sacrifice to make myself healthier? Hmmmmm. My team just debated and one member was like that's where religion and I diverge. My response: oh I don't do it for religion, I do it because I like to prove people wrong that I can actually do it. Yup, I'm that stubborn. HAHAHA. Hmmm..what should I give up? Alcohol? Nope, done that before. Caffeine? Nope, done that before too (wow, forgot about that one year I randomly gave up caffeine for Lent...this makes me sound like a practicing Catholic...which I'm not). What have I decided upon?


That right Ladies and Gentlemen (if there are any out there), I'm giving up sweets in general. Now this is life altering because I honestly believe I've eaten junk for all 28 years of my life. My dentist would agree with that statement. Wow, can I do it? Eeekkk. I just don't know. I crave sweets and feel like I need to eat them after every meal and very often in between. YIKES! 31 days of sacrificing? It all starts March 1st. Can I do it? Stay tuned to find out!

You know what that means, right? Means I get to go home and binge eat all the sweets in my house!!! Woooooopie!!!!!!

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