Tuesday, March 15, 2011



A couple of my friends ran a half marathon a few weeks ago and the goof troop showed up to cheer them on. I am sad I do not have photographic evidence of this occurance. Sad times. Yes, me and 5 other girls stood around yelling at runners while sipping our mimosas. Yes, that's right, we were drinking while they were running. Its a good thing this race started at 1pm (why can't MY races start at 1?) so that we could be in prime cheering spirit in order to effectively cheer on the runners. I never realized how fun it was to cheer on the race instead of running it. Heck, I might just try this method instead :)

It was actually really rewarding to cheer them on. It was a pretty small race (like under 2,000 people) and it was pretty basic, so no frills. We stood by the first bend in the road by the water and everyone seemed to be doing pretty well. By the 11th mile (we changed spots 3 different times on the course) they had to run up this ridic hill and you could just see how much they are hurting. Hell, you would have been able to hear me complaining from the bottom of the hill. And just seeing them smile when you were calling "FREE HIGH FIVES...GET THEM WHILE THEY'RE HOT" and most of them ran to the side of the street and gave us high fives. Afterwards when we were picking up our friends from the beer tent everyone was saying thank you to us for cheering and that it was really great we were out there and that they really needed it. Wow, that was awesome! Now I'm going to have to remember to say muster a thank you out while I'm running and passing cheerers!

Btw, if you google image "high five" you get some pretty funny pictures! Such as:

p.s.: you're welcome.

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  1. i'm lame and i don't read your blog often enough - so obviously i JUST stumbled upon this post...BUT...i'm glad you've found out how fun it is to cheer people on (i love it so much that i pretty much cry every time i watch people run because i know how hard it is!!) i hope to see you soon!!