Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes at Nats Stadium

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along with a group of Big Daddy D's employees for a behind the scenes tour of Nats Stadium...for free! Now I don't like baseball, but who doesn't like a behind the scenes tour of somewhere? Well, I sure do! Some of you know I'm in the GLOBE & Allies (gay, lesbian, or transgendered and allies) group at work. And that's who I went with. Let me tell you...they are HILARIOUS! We even went to brunch afterwards and had a BLAST. It was LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning) from other consulting firms and government agencies and apparently there are sporting events such as Nats Night OUT or DC United Night OUT where a big group of them all go to a game. I can imagine those are SUCH fun events.

Anyway, so I digress. So I got up really early on a Saturday morning...like REALLY early. I had to be at the stadium at 10 am! Yikes!!! Anyways, we went on our tour and I got to see really cool places like the press boxes, box seats, dugout, and the place where they practice throwing the ball around and warming up. It was all really neat and I'm glad I got the opportunity to do it!

View of when you're about to come onto the field. 

View from the press boxes!

Some of the cool kids!!

Some weird mobile thingie

Oh la la....the president's club!

Some important years for the Nats

The dug-out thing....you can tell I don't play or follow sports....

View from the top floor. Way out there is Virginia!

We practiced throwing the ball over here


Practicing throwing the ball. It was horrendous...I never played sports for a reason

A picture of Obama throwing the first pitch

Where the players warm up. The Presidents practice here too before throwing the first pitches. Of course when they are practicing there are curtains blocking everyone's view.

Where press talks to the players or something

Not exactly sure what these were, but they were fun to look at and pose with. Also not sure why Abe was facing backwards.

This is one of four beer coolers that cool all of the beer at the stadium.

Picture of President Bust throwing the first pitch

Cool picture of the stadium. So weird to see it empty

You can't really tell but I practiced throwing the ball with a popped coat collar and my kate spade bag. HA. I got voted most style...and that's quite an accomplishment with a group of gays ;)

Another view

Out in the area in front of the dougout

Um, so cool to be down there!


View from the box seats

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  1. Abe was facing the back because he's a troublemaker. OBVIOUSLY.

    Also, I love that you update this so often. :) It helps with the whole missing you thing!