Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If My Mind Had an Automatic Twitter Feed....

...during a race, then this is what you would hear:

Man I wish I hadn’t worn long sleeves.

Wow, how is her ass triangle shaped?

There are too many people running.

Why do I always run on the left side?

I’ve got a pain in my ass.

I wish the “water ahead” signs said WHICH SIDE.

If I was running a half, I’d still have XX + 3.1 miles to go!

Come back here you maroon colored asshole! (a 9:30 pacer wearing a maroon shirt)

Great shirt! (I saw several Shamrock 2012 half shirts!)

DC can be hilly!

I’ve got a real legitimate pain in my ass.

Watch out for the potholes.

I wish I was back in bed.

I’m hungry.

My roommates and boyfriend are probably still sleeping.

Holy shit. I’VE GOT A BIG PAIN IN MY ASS!!!!!

How many more miles?

I'm glad I'm not back there. (a couple of times we circled around and could see the runners behind us)

I wonder where I'm at in DC. (I should have looked at the map better)

Oh that is pretty.

EW, someone has some smelly gas.

Pick up your feet.

The spectators aren't cheering.

WHY is it normal to ring a COW BELL at races...are you calling me fat?

WHOA that couple should be running and not eating. (yes, I am judgmental when I run)

I wonder what time it is.

I wonder what pace I'm running at.
I should get a GPS watch.

Wow, that guy sweats a lot.

I feel like this is deja-vu. Wait, it is. (I ran a half two weekends ago)

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

I wonder if I'll see anyone I know.

Are we there yet?

Ok, I really can't wait to stop and stretch.

OMGeeeeeeeee why is the finish line at the top of the hill? That's so cruel!

So yeah, that's what goes through my head when I run a race. I had such a weird pain during the race...literally the middle of the bottom of my left butt cheek hurt SO bad. It was so weird. I was so happy to be done and able to stretch it out.

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  1. You noticed the spectators not cheering too? I found that odd, especially for the 5K. They were only out there for an hour! Just cheer!