Monday, April 23, 2012

Pushing My Styling Limits

Recently I've gotten a few new fun additions to my wardrobe. Since my job pretty much sucks and I sit in a disgusting government building the only pleasure in my working life has come from two things: Iced Starbucks coffee with my own peppermint mocha creamer and creating fun outfits with new purchases. I've tried to go out of my style comfort zone and try on and purchase things I wouldn't normally. For example, this BRIGHT orange skirt. I've been reading several different blogs that put together different creative outfits and this one sprung to my mind. Insert my outfit: orange skirt, yellow top and a navy blue sweater!!! (sorry for the crappy early morning iphone shot..never occurred to me to put the flash on that early in the morning). I just thought this was SO fun! Having a bright outfit on really perks up my day!  It also helps that I get lots of compliments on the outfits :)

What do you do to improve your day?

1 comment:

  1. Iced coffee absolutely helps... though it's more of a latte day today.
    I am thinking about some mint colored skinny chinos from JCrew.... I am actually just waiting for a sale. Also a bit out of my current style limits, but they seem so summery!