Monday, April 29, 2013

DC Phi Mu Day

The DC chapter held its first ever Phi Mu Day earlier this month. It was a great time where Phi Mus came from MD, VA, DC, PA. I got to see some of my sisters from the Tidewater Chapter that I hadn't seen since I left. We had a few speakers and had someone from Children's Miracle Network (our national philanthropy) come and speak too. We had Carnation Collection there aaaannnddd I may have spent some unnecessary money there (oooohhh wellll......there's worse things in life!).

I sure have a lot of Phi Mu stuff coming up soon! I'm going to Regional Officers Training in 2 weeks in Charlotte, NC, which I'm really excited about!!

Table centerpieces

The crowd (they are paying attention, we were encouraged to take pictures throughout the event and post to social media)

The signature drink!

So pretty!

Rose and white cupcakes!

Lambda Epsilon girls representing!

The whole crowd, around 32 people I think

The lovely Bre and Hannah

Hannah said Grace

Sarah Rose and myself

Carnation Collection goodies!!!!

Beth talking about her Phi Mu experience. Great hearing about all of the things she has been able to accomplish on the National Level.

CMN gave a speech about where the funding goes in the NICU. Some of the small things include this diaper and a special pacifier. That's an iPhone on the left for proportion. SOOOO TINY!!

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