Friday, April 5, 2013

Mama's Donut Bites

OMFGeeeeeee if you are in the DC area, you have to follow Mama's Donut Bites and follow that pink truck! I was quite skeptical one morning walking to Rosslyn for a meeting and I passed by the truck to take a peek. Yes I was skeptical but I tried them anyways! And I'm glad I did!

Mama's Donut Bites makes very delicious HOT mini-donuts, while you wait! Don't let the grease on the bag scare you away because they are totally worth it! There's even a topping bar!!! YESSSSS FAT KID HEAVEN!!! Their toppings include:

~Homemade Raspberry Preserves
~Dark Chocolate Sauce
~White Chocolate Sauce
~Vanilla Icing
~Cinnamon-Vanilla Whipped Cream
~Clover Honey
~Cinnamon & Sugar
~Powdered Sugar
~Rainbow Sprinkles and much more!

According to FB, throughout the year, they feature seasonal donuts with local, seasonal ingredients such as the classic Apple-Cider Donut Bites; made with local apple cider and fresh apples then tossed in a delicious cinnamon-sugar mixture. 

My mouth is salivating right now! Give them a shot if you see them around!

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