Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another Day in Wine Country

Man, my life is pretty charmed. I mean, I may only have a handful of friends here in San Francisco, but I make the best of it!

Since I became a Wine Club Member at Domaine Carneros, it was time for me to go and pick up my wine shipment! You just can't beat 'having to go' to here to pick up my wine...darn!  #firstworldproblems!  What I didn't know was that you pretty much get hooked up by being in the club!

You get to sit on the special patio!

And turns out you get a free tasting! I went for the red wine taster (well...the real tasting has 4 tastes but you only get 3 tastings in the free one...darn).

And Brad went for the champagne taster!


After spending about 2 hours there soaking up the sun, drinking our bubbly, and eating the charcuterie plate, we decided to pick up my bubble and head to the next place!  

Our next stop was at Kunde Winery.  Man, this place was BEAUTIFUL!!!  There's so many different outside areas where you can grab a bottle and sit outside or bring your own picnic and sit on the ground.

Unfortunately we got there and then found out they were closing in 5 minutes for a private event...darn!!!!  So they gave us a free tasting as a condolence prize.  I had the white and Brad had the red.  It was definitely yummy!

I was sad we only spent 5 minutes there, I definitely want to go back sometime!  They had the whole place decorated for Fall and Pumpkins...too bad its like almost 90 degrees in Napa! Definitely not Fall-like!

ALL the pumpkins!!

And our 3rd and final stop was to Imagery Winery. They were also closing soon...(next time we aren't  going to make a reservation at Domaine so late!) but not for 45 minutes. We sweet talked the winery guy into letting us purchase a bottle so we could sit outside and eat our sandwiches from this AMAZING yummy random sandwich shop along the side of the road called Carneros Deli.  If you are in the area, you MUST stop here!

We had a really quick tasting of 4 red wines and decided to go with an AMAZING Barbera wine....let me tell you, this was fantastic!!!  A bit pricey for $40, but it was so good! It was a very light and crisp red wine that just went down so smoothly!

We sat outside on their large patio and drank our bottle and ate our sandwiches before heading home. This place is so cute and has a boccee court (you did't know you were reading a 2013 Arlington Bocce Ball champion's blog, did you?!?!) I love that this place was so laid back and I could see having a great big group out back, just drinking bottles on bottles on bottles :)

Ahhh....its just another beautiful day in California!

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