Monday, October 13, 2014

Phi Mu Sisterhood

 (don't mind that our teeth look super yellow, it was the filter we used to get rid of the horrible greasy forehand game we  had going on)

Man, so many more people stop by in San Francisco than they ever did in D.C.!  Amanda, a sorority sister who was at AU when I advised there, stopped by SF while traveling for work.  There's that time Hannah (and Megan) visited. Then that time Molly came too!  And you can't forget my (real) sister Brandy came and there was that earthquake (#onlyinsanfrancisco!)  I love that so many people stop by!

As some of you know, the bf has been gone since July, so I've been here by my lonesome self (except for my savior Brad!). I've said it before, but MAN is it hard to holistically make real friends as an adult. Doesn't help that I work from home and don't meet people either. I've joined Junior League, but that's a slow process because there's so many people in the chapter that you rarely see the same person twice! Okay, enough of a #pityparty for one day....here's to seeing those sisters and friends who come to visit! #youshouldcomevisitme (okay, and enough hash tagging for one day too!)

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