Friday, October 24, 2014

London Reunites Once Again

 Maura, Chris, Me and Haileigh was back in 2008 in Croatia

As I was saying last week, its CRAZY how many of my friends find themselves stopping over in San Francisco....I just wish they actually LIVED HERE.  In case you can't keep up, the list includes:
  • Amanda, a sorority sister who was at AU when I advised there
  • Hannah (and Megan) visited in July
  • Molly came too 
  • And you can't forget my (real) sister Brandy
And now you can add Haileigh to the list!  I met Haileigh back in 2007 when we were studying together with the Mountbatten program in London.  She was from Iowa but now lives in Austin, Texas and we've been casually keeping up in the past 7 years since then.  

She travels frequently for work visiting clients in different cities and she came to D.C. a few times while I was there. 
This was back in 2010 when she stopped by. We met up with 2 other Mountbattens in the area, Josh and Jaime.

Its pretty awesome how some friends you have you can meet up with years later and its as if no time had passed!  Thanks for visiting Haileigh and I'm sure I want to go to Austin now!

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