Friday, April 24, 2015

This Day in History v.39: Harrods

What's more well known in the world as one of the top London landmark than Harrods?  I ran across a blog the other day about little known facts about Harrods and it made me remember all the times I walked the streets outside of Harrods and how much anxiety I had when I actually entered the doors.  To say it is "busy" is an under statement....SO MANY PEOPLE.  Anyways, Charles Henry Harrod opened Harrods in 1834 in Knightsbridge when he was only 25 years old...holy cow, what a feat!

Here are some of the facts that blew me away:
  • All the customers: On an average day, approximately 100,000 people come to shop at Harrods. On peak days, especially during the Christmas season, this number can jump up to 300,000.
  • Everything you want: The store has 330 departments and is 5 acres in size!
  • Bright lights: At night, Harrods is lit up by 12,000 light bulbs on the store’s façade and 300 bulbs have to be changed every day. This began with its Christmas lights in 1959 when 1,100 bulbs were used for the decorations.
  • It's motto: The Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus UbiqueAll Things for All People, Everywhere

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