Wednesday, April 29, 2015

San Francisco Ferry Building

One of my favorite things to do around my neighborhood is visiting the Ferry Building. Its about a 15 minute walk and I absolutely visiting during the day or evening.  On Saturdays it hosts the local farmers market...(p.s. - Its also where I spotted Joe Montana!)

Here's a little background on the building according to the website and wikipedia:

Opening in 1898 on the site of the 1875 wooden Ferry House, the Ferry Building became the transportation focal point for anyone arriving by train from the East, as well as from all the East Bay and Marin residents who worked in the city.  From the Gold Rush until the 1930s, arrival by ferryboat became the only way travelers and commuters—except those coming from the Peninsula—could reach the city.

With decreased use after bridges were constructed across the bay to carry railroad traffic, in the 1950s, the building was adapted for office use and its public spaces were broken up in an unsympathetic manner. In 2002, a restoration and renovation were undertaken to redevelop the entire complex. The 660-foot long Great Nave was restored, together with its height and materials. A marketplace was created for the ground floor, the former baggage handling area. The second and third floors were adapted for office and Port Commission use. During daylight, on every full and half-hour, the clock bell chimes portions of the Westminster Quarters. The ferry terminal is a designated San Francisco landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

When I get bored working from home, I go to the Ferry Building and this is my view!!! Not a bad spot to hang out and people watch. The only bad thing is that 1. there is no wifi and 2. there are no plugs for my computer...wtf is up with that?!?!?!

Also, you can catch the Ferry to Larkspur or Alameda and may other places!  There are 46 different stalls or merchants in the building on the first floor, its also where I ate a Pepples Donut and drank an amazing Rose at the Ferry Merchant Wine Bar.

And as part of the 100 year celebration of the world fair in San Francisco, the ferry clock tower is outfitted in the year 1915!

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