Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yoga in Grace Cathedral

Today I did something totally granola crunchy...what you ask may that be? I went to yoga in Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill! This has been on my bucket list for the past year and I'm so happy that I finally did this!  And to top it off, I met up with another East Coast girl that is friends of a friend.  She moved here last June and I've been meaning to meet up with her. Two stones, one bird! We both had wanted to try this, so we both had a great time.

It was totally surreal to do yoga in a church that was built in 1928! You can't really tell from the picture, but we all placed our mats around the labyrinth that is built into the ground.  Its been said that   if a visitor walks the path of the labyrinth it will bring them to a meditative state.

This place is just magical

It looks very similar to Notre Dame :)

This was still a good 40 minutes before it started, this place was PACKED by the time it started! Such a SF thing to do, go to a yoga in a non denominational church.

I took my shavasana looking up to these gorgeous windows!

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