Friday, May 22, 2015

Bay to Breakers 2015

The Bay to Breakers course goes from the Ferry Building (the Bay) straight through the city to Ocean Beach (the Breakers). Which sounds all hunkey-dorey until you remember this is San Francisco....THE HILLS.  Below is the elevation map of the course. Needless to say my quads were super happy we were just walking this race as opposed to running it!

But I finished Bay to Breakers again this year, and that's all that matters, right?  Thankfully I walked it with a fun group of people!  It was much more enjoyable to walk because this way I could see all of the shenanigans....such as the completely naked family with a child (fully clothed) in tow.

Packet pickup was farrrrrrr across town at Fort Mason.  It really is a beautiful spot, great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and lots of views of the bay.

Oh hey there Alcatraz!

And then it was race day.....

I'm so glad I did the race this year with a group of fun (clearly awesome) people!  Steve is the only crazy one who wanted to run the race.  We had such an awesome time!  However, I think we all concluded afterwards that we'd marked that off the bucket list and didn't need to do it again!

So so so many people waiting around to get started...

And we're off, finally the race opens up a bit 

First naked man spotted of the day...

Then I turned to the right and BAM a whole naked family!!!

Thankfully there were plenty of actually clothed people in great costumes!

Along the race path, there were plenty of people having a great old time partying at their house, throwing house parties and playing booming music in the streets.

This awesome lady's sign said "Age 82 and still going strong". I wonder how many years she's been doing this race. I saw another group of ladies who had stitched coats with years that they had been doing the race...first date I saw was 1982.  

Jamie had a camelback of liquor pasted to her body the whole race.  We couldn't bring bags in so this was the next best thing!  This is Jamie taking it off after it was finished and Laurie putting it in her fanny pack.  Awesome.

Did you know there was a waterfall in Golden Gate Park?

Um..and a wind mill?

It was crazy windy that day and I actually saw the blades moving, and they were moving FAST!

And just like that, the race was over! It ended along the beautiful ocean!

With our badass metals after finishing!

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