Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SF Street Food Festival

The B man and I attended the SF Street Food Festival at Pier 70 in the Dogpatch neighborhood.  Basically, you could find any local restaurant selling their food to the hungry people.  I think there were over 100 owner-operated food businesses....lots of YUMMY FOOD!

I found a lot of cool information about Pier 70 from their website.

Pier 70 is such a cool area that they are trying to rebuild into a multi-purpose area. In the future, they want to see repairs to the buildings and even add in zoning for small

Right now, only building 12 is being re-purposed and hosts a wide variety of open air festivals and events such as the street food festival.  It has a long standing history since the 1800s and will hopefully be revived to its glory! At its peak of activity during WWII, more than 1800 people worked at Pier 70 each day!

It will take quite a while, but here's a timeline of activity:

Now let's get to the actual FOOD.  It was super hot outside and I may have been a bit hungover so I really wasn't feeling any food for the first hour or so. But the B man surely was. He wanted ALL OF THE FISH TACOS!

Which was should we go?
First stop, Tacolicious. I've been to their brick & mortar, its pretty good!

B Man SUPER happy with his tacos!

There were plenty (maybe at least 4 different tacos and dim sum and tuna tartar) of food eaten by the B Man.

I finally got my shit together and ordered some food from Magnolia BBQ....OMGeeeee this is AMAZING.  I've been to their brick & mortar store in Dogpatch and its delightful! So much so that you kind of get the meat sweats (this girl's paradise).

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