Friday, September 18, 2015

Wine Country (A-G-A-I-N)

Its a hard life, but someone's gotta do it.   I mean really, its hard. Just look how hard it is!  My bi-monthly champagne order from Domaine Carneros and because we wanted to kick the long weekend off with some bubbly.  And because I'm a club member, we got to sit on the private terrace.  I'd suggest you make a reservation because this place gets PACKED. Its pretty much the first stop on the path to Napa.

Annnndddd got a F-R-E-E tasting! You can't beat that! And Laura, our server, was amazing!  She may or may not know the B Man's uncle who has been coming for the past 5 years or so.

I brought the B man along, mostly because he drove us. And he's pretty cute.  It was a lovely sunny day on the patio.  We soaked up the sun and bubbles and decided to make a second stop while we were in Napa.

Next up was Domaine Chandon!  I mean, you can't top Domaine Carneros, but Chandon was pretty good. We didn't do a tour, but we did do a tasting. I did the Rose tasting and the B Man did the classic. We didn't make a reservation, we just walked in, we just walked in, enjoyed the champagne and took in the great views.


I'll take the bottle please!

 You could take a bottle outside and sit in the sunny grass.

And on the way home I always get so excited to see the city emerge and take in the breathtaking sites of the city!

Just LOOK at that skyline!

It never gets old....

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