Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Hand of God- Err, Hand of Henry

Boy oh boy, I wish I was living in London sitting in a pub drinking a pint to hear the discussion going on about the football qualifiers for the world cup. The world cup isn't until next year but there's already a controversy heating up the excitement. If you ever get a chance to be in a country or even in Europe when the Wold Cup is going down, do it; it's an excitement you can never imagine. I was studying abroad (my first time over there) and had the chance to see first hand what all the excitement was about. Its similiar to NFL shennanigans but each team is a COUNTRY. A whole freaking COUNTRY. A whole country routing for one team. Its amazing.

If you don't know what this blog is all about- Ireland is now out of the World Cup, loosing to France due to France's captain Thierry Henry handling the ball with his hands, not once, but twice!

The Irish are asking fifa for a France replay and hopefully a different outcome. It's heart breaking to see a smaller country like Ireland loose to a powerhouse like France due to a cheating player. I mean, it IS highly unlikely for a player to admit his foul, but now his whole career he's going to be known as THAT guy. Even the Irish and French prime ministers are getting into the action. I just LOVE that part!

Okay, enough boring you with football (and NOT American football- I wouldn't be caught DEAD talking about that) conversation. Its just Bloody Brilliant!

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