Friday, October 7, 2011

Brownstones and Bodegas

LinkMy amazingly talented friend Will takes spectacular photographs all over NY city and this one of our friends Hannah (in his quirky English accent, it comes out more like "Hanner"). He has a blog called Brownstones and Bodegas in which he posts artistic photographs that he's taken all over the city and a variety of subjects.

Here's a bit of background:
Hanner lived with Hadi in London. Hadi is Will's good friend. Hanner had a party where she and I met Will. When I moved to London, I reached out to a Phi Mu Myspace page (hey, it was 2007, give me a break) and asked if there were any Phi Mus in London. Hence Hanner and I met Lora. Dana is Lora's good friend from college (also a Phi Mu). Dana met Will through Hanner and I. Cue forward to present day, Dana and Will are now dating and live together in NYC.

Can you keep up? SMALL WORLD!!!!

Anyways, Hanner and I went to visit Dana and Will in September. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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