Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Peepin' Around

Did you know there was an ACTUAL peep store?!?!?! Well, by golly there is! It can be found in the National Harbour in Maryland. In theory this place is easy to find but I spent an extra 20 minutes driving around because I didn't take the "local traffic" lane which takes you directly to your exit. Times like these I hate my GPS, instead I don't take that road because Galinda, (the Ga is silent) GPS was mute. Bitch is always quiet when I need her. Well, I end up passing by my 3A exit separated by a huge concrete barrier. Harumpf. "Recalculating" Galinda said. I just yelled at her to keep her fucking trap shut. Eventually I make it back around and can actually go to National Harbour. Then I can't find the Peep store...I was SO confused. The map says its RIGHT HERE! What the f?!?!? Well I finally figure out you have to go DOWN the stairs to the bottom floor and there it is!!! In all of its fluffy sugary glory. AND they were even handing out free candy as soon as I walked in the door! I could live here forever! There were peeps in every color, peep brand clothes and even peep art...so does that make you a "peep artist" hahahahahahha. Sorry, sometimes I kill myself! To top it off I found a rad coozie too!

Peeps in all different sizes and color!!

A wall full of different Mike & Ikes

All kinds of clothes and what not

Peep art.....wait you're selling this for HOW MUCH?!?!?! $200 for some peeps glued to black paper and framed...rip off!

My goodies from the store!

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