Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ha! Today is my 29th birthday and this is the hilarious e-card I got from a friend. So true though! I surely don't feel like I'm 29 much less an adult so this birthday has mixed feelings for me. Its highly unusual for me to not have at least 3 parties planned for my birthday, but this year I don't really have any. I guess I'm just tired and don't have the time to plan anything. With having an out of town boyfriend that I either drive 3 hours to visit (and then 3 hours back) or have a whirlwind DC/Annapolis weekend planned when he comes to visit, I'm just down right exhausted and when I have a moment to just sit, I do just that. And not only that, I'm busy with all of the things I've got going on at work. It saddens me that I don't have anything big planned, but tonight I've got a happy hour that I've invited some of the Phi Mus that live up here and then this Saturday I'm going to a pig roast down in NN so I'll get to see all of my friends down there. So all in all I think its going to shape up to be a good start to the end of my twenties. Let me just say, that I'm going ALL.EFFIN.OUT next year!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the time with friends, that's what it's all about!!