Friday, December 9, 2011

Not Funny Facebook, Not Funny at One Bit

I hate FB sometimes. In case you don't personally know me, that on top is my ex-fiance, that on bottom is my current boyfriend of a year. You think you are so sneaky FB but that was not funny one bit! There should be some sort of function that you can permanently ignore a "Person You May Know" with a choice of an assortment of radio button such as:
-He's a dick and didn't call me back
-He's a manwhore who gave me the clap
-He turned out gay
-He broke my heart
-That cheating liar dumped me, the nerve!
-I wish he would die
-He actually died

Or in my case:
-He is crazy and has some light PTSD from being a sniper and ignores his feelings and you (which is super sad in every way possible)

In closing:

Dear FB, stop trying to get me to be friends with my ex-fiance. Been there, tried that and it didn't work the first, second, or third time!!

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