Friday, December 30, 2011

POV/Christmas Tree Lighting

Last week or so my sorority and I went for rooftop drinks on top of the W hotel and then walked over to see the National Christmas Tree. I had never been up to the rooftop bar (called POV) and the views were AH-MAZING to say the least!!!! They had the heaters on and the windows open and it was a perfect night to be up there, not a cloud in the sky! It was so fun pointing out different landmarks and trying to visualize where you were on the DC map.

Here's what the W hotel website says about POV:
Feel the buzz of getting high up where the nation's most important monuments and spectacular landmarks are all around you at our 11th-floor rooftop terrace bar. Be outed when you step onto the terrace and cozy down in bold velveteen red banquettes and steel-framed daybeds, or make yourself comfortable in chocolate high-back wicker lounge chairs under a majestic red-and-white awning with glossy ceiling fans. An outdoor bar paneled in fresh green grass provides direct access to seasonal sips to go with the sunshine or sunset, and toast to unadulterated panoramas of the cityscape. Our POV—and yours—gets sharper as the evening progresses, especially when the sights light up at night!
Drinks are QUITE pricey, glass of wine started at $10 and cocktails start at $16. But to have one or two cocktails with some of your sisters and to admire the view, that price isn't so bad! I was so interested in the view, I didn't take any pictures really of the place...oh well!

In the summers they host a workout/brunch that is supposedly super fun. I think for $50 bucks you get a workout and then brunch...with UNLIMITED bellinis and bloodies.

After indulging in a few cocktails, we headed over to see the tree! We had a great turnout to the HH and the tree and I was SO glad this year the weather cooperated and it wasn't too bad out! Last year I was going to go but it was BEYOND freezing and I had no interest in loosing any appendages to frostbite. I went to see the tree lighting this year but this was the first time I had been up and close to the tree. As I said before, the tree is new this year after a bad storm took out the last one back in April. Every time I see this tree I'm a bit disappointing in the size. I don't know why but I always think its going to be bigger in person. Oh well.

Really cool interesting ceiling light in POV

National Christmas Tree

Virginia State Christmas Tree
(every state sends their own decorations in to decorate their state tree)

Guess I never got close enough to the Christmas tree to notice
there is a train that loops around the space and there's even this little town set up too!

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