Friday, November 7, 2014

Giants win the World Series...and SF goes WILD!

Well, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series! Granted, I don't watch sports, I did catch the last catch that won the World Series. Baseball to me is boring, but I guess I can get behind the excitement of something as big as this!  Being in San Francisco was cool too! Would have been even more epic if the last game was actually IN San Francisco. I live down the street from the ballpark, so I'm sure my area would have been even crazier than it was!

There were so many drunken baseball fans, honking car horns, shouting, looting, riots and yes, 2 gun shot victims. There's a reason I don't like sports...because of the destruction and violence of sports fans after a victory. Heaven forbid, a loss. Anyways, I'll get off my high horse and show you a little of the fun.

This was the day after at the stadium. They were selling all kinds of World Series gear.  People were just shelling out hand over fist to get gear.

#OctoberTogether...winning 3 world series in the past 5 years is pretty epic on all fronts.

 There was even a parade! AND ON HALLOWEEN DAY, NO LESS!!!  I took a few minutes to go downtown since the parade was only a 15 minute walk from me. The video above shows the craziness. Oh and it started to rain too. It NEVER rains here, sucked that it picked that day to do it!

Just some of the crowds

The players rode by on the top of double decker tourist buses

And this is what I mean by I don't understand sports victories. This is a FIRE in the middle of the STREET to celebrate!!!! WTF?!?!?!  Police had a heck of a time controlling the drunken rebelling.

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