Friday, November 28, 2014

Betsy's in Town!

Ahhh I just love it when friends are in town!  Betsy is now my 5th out of town visitor!  Granted, most of these were in town because of business, but I'll take what I can get :)
  • Haileigh, a friend from my London programme
  • Amanda, a sorority sister who was at AU when I advised there
  • Hannah (and Megan) visited in July
  • Molly came too 
  • And you can't forget my (real) sister Brandy
Betsy is a sorority sister whom I met when I lived in D.C. She has since moved to NYC and I've moved to San Francisco.  Betsy got a new job as a campus recruiter and was in town for a college fair.

Betsy is an amazing friend, its always like no time has passed and we picked up right where we left off! Granted it was a few weekends back but I wish it was this past weekend!

OF COURSE we headed to 21st Amendment for a few watermelon beers. Thankfully they were still in season!  I haven't been back in a few weeks, I don't know if they are still on tap or not.  But I did take back my duchess status at the bar!  Thank you Yelp!

Check out that SWEET SWEET mullet this lady is rocking!

We got lunch at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. It was good, I just don't know if it was good enough to go back.

Oh and the BF was in town for the weekend too! We hung out most of the weekend with his friends who were in town so I didn't feel bad for having Betsy in on the action. She truthfully saved me from the xx hormones!  Yes, that is my jcrew vest to be funny.

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