Monday, November 10, 2014

Day Around the Bay #5: Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley, as Wikipedia mentions, its boundaries are ill defined, Hayes Valley is generally considered to be the area north and south of Hayes Street between Webster (near Alamo Square) and Franklin (near the Civic Center) Streets. Hayes Valley's commercial center is made up of the section of Hayes Street running from approximately Laguna Street in the west to Franklin Street in the east, with extensions on perpendicular Gough and Laguna Streets.  It's an interesting little area, there are a few great blocks of really nice areas, but a whole lotta area where it ain't so pretty.  Much like a normal city!

I decided to set out to conquer Hayes Valley and role the Muni to Van Ness station. I got turned around and ended up walking FURTHER into the 'hood but eventually got myself straightened out.  When I finally got to the area I had intended, it was ADORBS! For example, below is Smitten ice cream! OMFG that ice cream was SO GOOD!

There's a whole park area, the Patricia's Green, which is surrounded by a few blocks where they have re-purposed old shipping containers into stores and restaurants!!

There's a play ground for the kiddies and tables along the outer edge to enjoy your morning cuppa Joe or to eat your lunch.

Quiet time by the tree :)

Then I happened along to a space that I can't wait to bring friends to and drinks lots of beer! This is the Biergarten. It's located at 421 Octavia street and its hours are Wed-Sat from 3-9, and Sunday from 1-7pm.
There was a lot of awesome art around the couple of blocks near the area. This is right across from a Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk location! Of course, even in the middle of the day there was a line! If you ever have the chance, you MUST try the New Orleans style iced-coffee!!!

Lots of color!

This was painted in a small alley way

Well hello little birdy! She stopped by while I ate my lunch because she wanted to say hello!

Beautiful clouds in the sky!

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