Wednesday, November 26, 2014

San Diego Times Two

Ah I can't believe I haven't written about my second trip to San Diego.  I went the first time back in August while the BF was he was stopped over there during his deployment.  Well, he had to stop again, so I went ahead and scheduled another trip down south! We stayed at the Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego and it was a great hotel in an even better location! They had a great rooftop pool and bar that had great views of the area.

It was so sunny and warm! Well, until the Saturday and then it rained and it turned cold, but the weather changed and it was warm again!

It was fleet week that week too!

The BFs ship was open to the public and I took the opportunity to come aboard. 

The had a fun little sign of the route the ship (boat?) took on the last deployment. I can't believe how far north they went...the arctic circle!

The helm (Is that what its called?)

Each of the flags means something but I have no idea what they mean. 

The have a helicopter landing pad too

The woman the boat was named after

And this....this my friends is the bf's room. I guess they decorate it for morale purposes. Behind that door 6 smelly men live in 1 room and share 1 teeny tiny bathroom .

Look how dirty the boat is!

We took a day trip to  Ocean Beach 
The weather was amazing but slightly chilly.  We went to a few bars and did a little shopping while we were there on Saturday.

We had a Sunday Funday and hit up a few bars.  We started at Barley Mash, then hit up the Blind Burro and then Wet Willies!  A whirlwind but a great time!

On Monday I had a little jaunt downtown by myself and saw a few of the sites.

The Gaslamp quater

Their tram/train system

Lion spotting!  Hard Rock Cafe had a brass lion outside.

All in all a wonderful time. I do miss those days when I traveled to other countries during my vacations, but seeing places in the U.S. that I haven't seen before is pretty cool too.

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