Monday, June 14, 2010

England vs. USA: Crushing Dissapointment

What happened England, did you choke? I thought we played good footie! Green you are a disgrace! ARG, I suffered through a painful loss for England amidst a bar full of screaming Americans. Its hard being the minority! I was that obnoxious girl shouting obscenities at the screen when England wasn't performing to par. Oh well, we still have a good shot to get further. Germany is playing an AMAZING game, 4 to o against Australia but Italy also a disappointment with a tie with Paraguay. What is going on this round????

Anyways, I met up with several sorority sisters at a local bar. Marty's fiance plays for a local soccer team and was raising money for DC United at Mister Daes. Hannah and I even color coordinated our outfits to represent team England!
So greasy because it was 59430850943798 degrees in the bar

Girl group representing in the corner surrounded by toolbags in ugly flip flops.

Um, let me just say I will NEVER attend that bar again...fullllllll of toolbag douches. UGH. We got to the bar at 11 in order to get good seats for the game at 2:30. Some asshole had the audacity to come up to our table about mid way through the game when a few of us went to the bathroom and ask if he can have our table. Well, he was asking Melanie but seeing as she's so nice I took it upon myself to be the complete bitch. I was like "um, what the hell do you want? Fuck no you can't have my table." And then he asks why he can't have the table, and I respond "because I've fucking been here since 11 am and my friends are only in the bathroom. Are you fucking kidding me?" So then he leaves and I say aloud some guys are such assholes. DUDE, are you crazy? Fucking sandal wearing/RayBan toting typical Arlington douchbag. Just because we're a table full of girls enjoying the game does NOT mean that we are easily pushed over. And to top it off, YOU'RE UGLY!

Anyways, I had a good time despite being crowded by toolbags and douchebags. Here's to England winning their game on Friday!

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  1. lol. Can I come hang out with you? It sounds like a roaring good time :)