Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who Doesn't Love a BBQ?

I Love Love Love BBQs...espeically those with sisters! This past weekend the DC alum chapter held their annual Summer BBQ. Beer and BBQ, you can't get a better combination than that. And I'd have to say "Beer, BBQ, and Boys" because I brought along two boys. Well, in my defense, the Tidewater chapter always had boys at their events. Whether friends, boyfriends, fiances, or husbands...there were always boys around. So Hannah and I took it upon ourselves to invite some boys..why not? We invited Nathan and Ari..what boys wouldn't want to be around a bunch of beautiful girls? It wasn't my fault that they ended up being the only boys there. And I'm sure Ari was having a blast by the amount of desserts he ingested :) Oh, I work with Nathan and Ari is his roommate. They are a BLAST to be around. And they conviently were able to take the 7589043875972340985734 group pictures we ended up taking at the end...Duh, we are Phi Mu's. Ha and Ari got to draw the winning 50/50 ticket raffle for CMN. Let's hope they don't hate me for bringing them for them to be the only XY chromosomes in the pack.
Ari on the left and Nathan on the right

Um, and this event was baller because we had a bartender (I mean, last time I checked I can open my own beer) and then a waitress who came around and cleaned up after us. Um, whoa. And I love the lady who let us use her house...just by the Jimmy Choos that were by the front door. Talk about a beautiful house in the Capital Hill area.

Anyways, there were LOTS of new girls for me to meet! I also got Katie Smith, Melanie Poole, and Hannah to join the chapter! And I'm working on Caroline Morris, Megan Murray, and Melissa Bell. If you see them, prod them to join too! I should get an award for the amount of girls I bring to the chapter. And anyone else who is up here and wants to join, let me know!

I forgot to bring my camera, so I'm just going to have to steal someone else's pictures and post here:

Beautiful Ladies :)
Winner of the 50/50 raffle!

The lady in orange is Madeleine, she owns the beautiful house.

I'm not sure who these ladies are yet, but I know I'm going to like them!

Came out side to get a beer and got pulled into a picture!

Whitney and Katie.

Hannah and Melanie

God, I wish I wasn't nursing such a gnarly hangover otherwise I really would have loved all this food! Epic failure!

Its P-I-N-K!

We are such fatties...just look at all that food!

Whitney, Katie, Melanie, and Allison


  1. Amber - it looked like a phabulu=ous time, I'm sos sorry I had to miss it! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Maybe I've just had a frazzled morning! My typing abaility sure has diminished!