Monday, June 14, 2010

My First Out of Town Visitor!

Yay so Erika came up to visit me, even though it was only for a day it was still magical! After watching the World Cup during the day I headed home to meet Erika. It was perfect timing because I just got into the house when she called to say she was down the street. We sat on my balcony and drank a few brewskis. We talked and talked and talked and caught up on all the drama. Oh Newport News ;) We then walked down to Crystal City Sports Pub down the street and ate dinner and had a few more to drink. We decided to go play in the city at my new favorite hot spot, Wonderland Ballroom. We go there and I have to ask someone if there was an upstairs or a downstairs. You see the last time I was there I was pretty much blacked out drunk and could remember there was another room but where was it? Apparently its upstairs! Its a really really fun "dirty" place where you get really really sweaty dancing to really fun songs! Its in Columbia Heights, an up and coming part of the city with really fun eclectic people. Unfortunately Erika made me take a tequila shot and I woke up the next morning with the WORST hangover EVER. Oh well, I still had a blast with Erika!!!

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