Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

The weekend started off with a little fun in the sun and a movie with some sisters in Rosslyn at the I love 90s movie event. Check check (that's the sound of another item off the bucket list). I FINALLY got to see Melissa....I've only been living in the city for 2 months now. Hi Melissa - I know you are reading this :)

Then I met up my former London roomie, Teresa, who was in the city for the night to watch a Nationals game (coincidentally the Prez himself was there with his daughters) along with her former colleague from London. I also met another Mountbatten who lives in the area. We partied all night and I took the metro home. Met a really drunk douchebag who proceeded to call me a whore. Yes, that's right. He was drunk and acting like a fool hitting his friends and I was getting annoyed because he was flailing and I was like "you hit like a girl", his response, "you're a whore". Really? I told you how much I hate boys in brown flip flops. My response, "that's all you've got?" I HATE TOOLS WHO WEAR BROWN FLIP FLOPS OUT IN CLARENDON. HATE HATE HATE THEM.

Anyways, moving on. Saturday my parents came up to drop off my bike and help me get a couch. I met them at IKEA and got a super cute loveseat (a couch probably would have been too big). Newsflash people: don't bring your bratty screaming children to IKEA and let them roam around. I def got my form of birth control that day. Got home and played with my puppy for a bit then got a text from a really fun girl who also just joined my company. She invited me out to paint the town red with some other co-workers. I went to the ghetto around Howard University where this guy lived. The house was beautiful but unfortunately would never sell for its asking price of 1 million dollars. Anyways, we played beer pong (YES!) and went out around U street. Coincidentally, I have been to the place before but I guess I was pretty drunk and didn't remember. It's called Stetsons..hahahahha. Well I made a new co-worker friend who was like in love with me because I love beer. Duh, what guy DOESN'T love a girl who prefers good beer?

Sorry I haven't been updating more, but life has just been a busy whirlwind! Which is a very very good thing!

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