Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Car Free Diet

So, I've decided to go on a "car-free diet". No car for 2 months....EEEKKKKK what the hell am I thinking?!?!! I'll tell you what...I'm thinking ridic gas prices coupled with the $150 cost to park in the garage in my building (OUCH!!!) Before you think I'm totally nuts, I've thought about it. My new neighborhood is more walker/runner/metro friendly and I'm going to use the Mega Bus to get to/from NN so I can still see my bf and bffs down in the area. So, we shall see how this works out! Since I will be in NN quite often on the weekends, I will still have my car down there so that should be nice. And if I do decide to bring it up here I had a few friends that said I could park my car on their street (for free!) if I needed to so that's nice! So...stay tuned I'll let you know how its going...eeeekk.

I must admit that I rode the Megabus up from Hampton to DC on Sunday and while it did take F-O-R-E-V-E-R (stopped in Richmond for about 15 minutes then took me on North Capital St (HOOD) and then had to walk 10 minutes to the metro then I had to metro home) it wasn't T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. While I am reminded what kind of people ride those buses (ghetto fab), it was really nice to sit back and relax when I'm normally flying off the handle with road rage at some idiot who cut me off! So, while its not the best of situations, at least its got some perks. And if you buy it in advance far enough, it only costs A DOLLAR! A DOLLAR in this economy?!!?! No paying $4.15 a gallon for gas? Sign me up!

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