Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Toga! Toga!

Back in October on the way to Homecoming last year, Hannah, Brad, and I decided that we had a lack of Toga Parties in our history and that we needed to rectify this...STAT! Well, since it was October and it was starting to get colder, it wasn't going to happen this year! And since our friends are SO busy, we needed to plan far, far, FAR in advance to guarantee that as many of our friends as possible could attend. How was 7 months in advance? Yep, sounds about right to me!

So along came May and we had our toga party. Many thanks to Brad for lending us his home, planning the parties, and making sure everyone came in toga attire (some people slipped through the cracks apparently). I was surprised at the toga-showings and how creative some people got!


Colored solo cups representing the Olympic rings (in the exact order of the real ones) and medals to be given to the winners...WINNING!

Brad's super AWESOME flip cup table!

Serious heated shit talking (check out Jeff's awesome wolf-tastic toga)

All smiles though! It was definitely a Jamaica Wolfpack Reunion!

This duo is dangerous!

What's a Toga Greek Olympic party without events? First event was a basketball toss (from a sitting position).

Event 2 was dizzy bat (of course you had to down a solo cup of beer first and however long it took you to drink you had to spin that many times) In all of Taylor's normal glory, she fell down, scraped her elbow and knee and started bleeding. It seemed like EVERY frat party in college she was bleeding!

Josh after winning flip cup. In everyone else's defense, it started raining and most of us went inside so don't tell him but I think we just all forfeited.

And then the real party got started...Brad brought out his jorts....YES, JORTS.

Third event: Ice Cube Races

And the night ended with some good ole' fist pumping!

There was much more in between but I was way too concerned with drinking and eating to A). Pay attention and B). Partake in pictures.

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