Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movin on Up to the East Side...er...Metro Center

So I'm super happy to report that my project at work got relocated to Metro Center. Now this may be lost on all of you non-DC'ers but this means that I got out of the 'hood (Navy Yard) and went straight to the business center of DC (Metro Center). I love being in the heart of the city and working here really makes me get that big city feel. I actually feel like I live in DC now.

Another great thing about this area is the very random things that happen on the street, from protests, to events, to something I ran into the other day. I went out for lunch and had about a 3 block walk and came upon a mass load of police officers in all kinds of different uniforms, some on foot, some on horses. There were Scottish bagpipes playing (...weird) and there were 2 firetrucks hoising a VERY large American flag and it was waving in the wind. I wish I had time to stop and watch everything but I had somewhere to go.

I was very curious to find out what was going on so I did a bit of googling and found this:

St. Patrick Catholic Church
16th Annual Blue Mass
Held each year at the beginning of National Police Week, we pray for those in law enforcement and fire safety, remember those who have fallen, and support those who serve. Representatives of Federal and local law enforcement and public safety agencies from the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area and around the country attend.

Before Mass, hundreds of law enforcement officers and public safety officials gather outside for the solemn processional into St. Patrick's. Units from federal, state, and local jurisidictions gather in formation to pass under a huge American flag proudly hung over the street by two fire ladder trucks. Also gathered outside are officers on horseback, as well as pipe and drum corps units.

Inside the church, the principal celebrant and homilist for the 2011 Mass will be the Reverend Monsignor Salvatore Criscuolo, Chaplain, D.C. First Responders. The Mass includes an honor guard, bagpipers, and the solemn playing of "Taps" in memory of those who gave their lives in the past year.

So...yeah! You'll have to excuse my finger in one of the pictures, I was trying to hurriedly walk to a lunch meeting so I was walking/shooting pictures.

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