Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finally: The Royal Wedding Recap

Royal portrait

EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK it was so so so beautiful!!! I'm sad I haven't been able to post sooner, but work has been hella busy and I feel like I can barely keep my head afloat. This aptly describes the day I've had ALL day long: I just finished my 4 mile run and when I reach down to take off my shoes, I realize I've got 2 different pairs of shoes on!!!!

So yeah, back to the ROYAL WEDDING!!!! Hannah, Bree, and I baked cupcakes fit for a King and a Queen. They were these Tiramisu cupcakes!!!! OMGeeeeee these were SO good!!!!

The sugar content goes straight to your head :) After baking and socializing, Bree had to go home and I think it was after midnight before Hannah and I went to bed...NOT a good idea to only have 4 hours of sleep. And from all of the sugar, coffee, and excitement I had a really hard time falling asleep. The alarm went off at 4:30 and we sluggishly made our way to the kitchen to start making our breakfast that consisted of over easy eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms and toast. And of course we popped our bottle of bubbly as well (when in Rome!) PERFECT breakfast! We sat down on the couch to enjoy the wedding and I found it VERY hard to stay awake because of the 4 hours of sleep, but I suffered through for the pleasure of catching a once in a lifetime wedding!

Btw, in case you don't realize why its "Prince William and Catherine Middelton" and not Princess, well in this case the name "Princess" is only for the women who are born into the royal family, and the only way Kate can be called Princess Catherine" is if the Queen decrees that name upon her. So for now, they are the "His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge." Of course, William has several other monikers as well, such as "Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus".

Even though she's in line to be Queen one day, she still followed the old wedding adage of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue:

Something Old

Middleton's wedding dress, designed by McQueen creative director Sarah Burton, featured a long-sleeved lace overlay that paid respect to the Arts and Craft custom. This tradition, characterized by the Carrickmacross lace-making technique used in the dress design, is a tribute to British craftsmanship.

Something New

As a wedding gift, Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael, gave the bride a pair of leaf-shaped diamond earrings, which were made by Robinson Pelham to match her tiara.

Something Borrowed

The Queen lent Middleton the glittering 1936 Cartier halo-style tiara that crowned her curls. The tiara has been in the Royal Family since it was purchased by King George VI for the Queen Mother.

Something Blue

Although Middleton appeared to be all dressed in white, a hint of blue ribbon was sewn into the gown.

Ok on to the pictures:

The Queen looking dapper, as always

Um, Princess Eugine and Princess Beatrice should have fired a stylist because they look like rubbish. Beatrice looks like an extra from a Lady Gaga music video! The coat and hat are atrocious!

Carole, mother of the bride, is looking absolutely stunning!

Chelsy Davy looked haggard and like she'd been out clubbing all night long. Really? You decide to wear that? Not a good vote for you to be a princess too.

Look at all that Royalty in one place!

FIRST LOOK!!!!!! The dress was an Alexander McQueen dress

Better view of the front of the dress.

Personally, I think Pippa stole the show...

ALL smiles! When Kate first got up to the alter, William leaned over and whispered something to her, and she lit up and smiled a beautiful smile. Wonder what he said? "Good thing you didn't trip?" "You look beautiful!" "The hardest part is over?" You decide!

As much as I love her, it bothers me they way she waves with her finger in the front like that

Not once, but twice a royal kiss!

A very, very unhappy bridesmaid. Guess that's what happens when you invite 3 year olds to be in your wedding.

And then on to the afterparty....

Personally, I love Kate's second dress better. I bet angora is back again this fall!

Pippa looking stunning again in her green gown.

Many of you are probably wondering "what's with those darned hats?" Well, they are not hats, they are "fascinators". A hat is a hat, but a fascinator is usually made up of feathers, flowers, or beads and they generally sit on the head attached by a clip, comb, or headband. Some do them well....and well, some just don't.
Take Kate for example, she knows how to do a fascinator right.

William's cousins in beautiful fascinators.

One thing that Camilla does really well is wear beautiful fascinators!

Just some of the fascinators at the RW

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