Monday, June 18, 2012


Well that didn't take long. Not but like 5 or 6 rides later with my CaBi bikeshare membership I get in a bike accident. I'm really lucky it wasn't worse because I didn't have a helmet on. I know, I know, stupid. I have a web page up on my computer of helmets I've intended to purchase, I will be purchasing shortly if I'm ready to get back on the horse anytime soon.

I was biking down a hill and traffic (thankfully) was stopped because a construction vehicle was coming out of a site and I'm passing the traffic and some stupid crazy bitch opens her door at the exact moment and I crash into it an go skidding. I smash my elbow, knee, and other items. I've got serious gashes in my left arm, a black eye, and a black and blue knee. I'm thankful it's not worse.

I get up and scream at her "you need to f*ucking watch what you're doing" to which she yelled back "you need to watch where you're f*cking going" SERIOUSLY?!?!??? You didn't look before opening your door! Thank god traffic was stopped because I would have hit a car. I was too stunned to yell at her more or get her insurance info in case. I was only a couple of blocks away from home and I just wanted to get home. I never even checked to see if the bike was okay. I just stuck it back in the station. I hope it's ok.

The day had just been SO weird. I spent almost an hour talking to my dental hygienist about Teen Mom (the MTV show). We laughed and cried hysterically and then she showed me what might be the BEST thing on the internet! Amber from the show has this giant horribly ugly tattoo of her daughter that spans most of her side/stomach. I laughed until I cried it was so funny. Here is the glorious picture that had me laughing so hard I was snorting:

Not only is the tattoo ugly but the kid is not that ugly in real life! Horrible on all fronts.

Then when I left the dentist (look mom, no cavities!!), I got yelled at by some crazy woman who thought she saw me park my car and get out of the elevator. Like screaming yelling following me down the street saying:

her: I SAW you park your car there and get out of the elevator
me: (dumbfounded) no you didn't
me: NO you didn't. You must be confused.
her: YES I DID.
me: I was at the dentist and I don't have a car here.

I walked away while she was still yelling at me. Crazy bitch. SO yeah, I had a REALLY weird/bad day on Friday!!

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