Monday, June 11, 2012

Traveling by Train

Seeing and hearing trains always makes me think of my grandparents. The train tracks were practically in their front yard (no literally, it was there front yard then BAM train tracks!). My mom used to tell me stories of how they as kids would hear the train coming, go outside, and wave to the conductors and hope that they would throw out goodies like magazines, which they often did.

It's amazing to think how long the train has been utilized in America. While not as long or as extensive as Europe, Amtrak is pretty sweet. It's a nice, easy way to travel. Only drawback is that their bathrooms as seldom clean. I get it boys, it's hard to aim when the train is moving, but come on, sit down!!!

Overall, I've had pleasant experiences using Amtrak. I load up my iPad with movies, eat snacks and drink wine juice boxes and before I know it, I'm there! Only once was I forced to sit in front of a screaming/talkative 4 year old who kept kicking my chair...and I had a KILLER hangover, he was lucky I didn't reach around and tell him to shut up and sit down. He was all over my chair and I quite bitchingly moved my chair to its seatback position and the child went flying. Teach that little shit (and his grandmother who didn't make him stop) a lesson. There is a reason I don't have children, I'd be in CPS all the time!

I traveled on Amtrak two weekends in a row recently. The first was over Memorial Day weekend (there was NO way I was getting on 95 South at any point of the weekend) to Newport News and the second one was last week when I went to Raleigh for my bestie's wedding!

Here were a few pictures I took:

The Masonic Temple in Alexandria

I forget how BIG trains are. This was right before it blew its horn and I nearly peed in my pants!!

The beautiful Alexandria station in VA.

I love the look and feel of the tracks and the smell of trains, reminds me of childhood!

The BEST way to travel: coffee, cheese, boxed wine and Reese! I watched several movies over my trips and this one was super cute, called This Means War. Total chick flick!

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