Friday, June 22, 2012

Shellac (or gel) Nails

Woohoo, I was recently introduced to shellac nails, also known as gel. Well, I take that back, I had heard about them a long time ago but never tried them myself. I finally broke down and tried it when a friend went to the salon with me before my bestie's wedding. She told me the process and took me to her nail salon. I really like them, it doesn't hurt to get them put on (they only lightly buff your nail though another friend once had them use the little drill thing on her nails like getting the fake nails..no thanks!) and make my nails stronger...mine annoyingly peel normally.

And they last FOREVER. This picture is a week after getting my nails done! Only a little bit of nail grow underneath. This is my second time getting my nails done with shellac. Last time at the end of the 2 weeks there was a bit of bubbling under the paint and drove my OCD insane. I tried a new salon (in VA as opposed to NC) and am anxiously awaiting to see if its the same.

So clearly I liked them a lot to try again so I'm a satisfied customer! You should try it too!


  1. GIRL i LOVE shellac! i just wish it wasn't so dang pricey sometimes.... those look GOOD girl!!

  2. How'd it work the second time? I haven't done them yet... Can you use any color or does it have to be a special polish?

  3. It worked out great! Two weeks of AMAZING looking nails. It is a special gel polish but nail places usually have a wide variety of colors available. They do make my nails stronger so they don't break as much with little damage to my actual nails. The only problem is that you usually have to go to the nail place to get them taken off or soak them off in acetone. Or you could be like me and pick them off in one sitting..oops. Boredom caused that!